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I’ve bought and made several sight word readers throughout the years. However, what I also wanted was a way to also make quick readers for different subjects, classes, and students. This is an interactive option. I also teach many English Language learners and low language kindergarten students. Their learning needs are different than some of my other students. So, I wanted to be able to differentiate quickly.

These editable PDF books make this doable. All you need to do is click on the box to upload your picture and then edit the box below to add text that matches. I can even have my kids take pictures in the classroom and make their own stories with the help of older kids and parent volunteers!

I love editable PDFs because you can edit until infinity. I made tons of options that I’m so excited to use in my classroom. My colleagues already love them, too!

Check out the free preview here.

Check out the full book product here.

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