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Whether we believe it or not, we all believe lies in our lives. It’s whether or not we choose to believe the lies or believe in hope. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things unseen. An abridged version of what the Bible looks at, and a scripture that I think is so commonly misunderstood, misplaced or confused. If you’re not a fan of the Bible, or a Christian, please hear me out. There’s more to be said.

Hope means that a person, a thing or situation is redeemable. They aren’t lost forever. Nothing is lost forever until you’re dead. Faith is what we use to believe and hope for people. We have faith that what we hope for will come true. Whether you’re a Christian, a fan of poetry or not, this scripture really provides a great foundation for teaching and parenting practices; it’s how we believe about our kids and how and what we believe about ourselves that drives our direction.

Today’s Story

I’m writing this post as much for myself as well as others. You see, I’m a kindergarten teacher, but I’m also a single parent of two foster children. Both have been through significant trauma and with it, so much anger and sadness. With one of my kids, I feel like such a failure. He’s yelling, you’re the worst mommy ever, and banging on his door as I write this. He was asked to take a five minute break. I’ve had to remove everything from his room except his bed, clothing and stuffed animals. Anything else, he uses to try and hurt someone else (usually me), or ends up hurting himself. He tries to knock down and throw furniture. I’ve learned to duck very well.

Faith Poster

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Tomorrow’s Story will Be

If we believe the lies and refuse to believe in hope, we can’t hope to make it past the challenges that life throws at us. We can’t even hope to wake up with happiness and peace in our hearts. This is a tough lesson I’m learning and one I’m trying to teach myself every day; it’s a lesson I’m speaking into existence as I type. I need to have faith that what I hope for will be a reality. This is growth mindset. It’s perseverance.

We have to know that what we believe, is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we believe in an outcome not turning out for the better, that there is better for you, then when the better comes you won’t recognize it. This is metacognition. I’ve recently written another scripture on my hand. It says to take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ. When we take captive every thought, we are in turn, making our reality change. We are changing how we perceive the world, so that when we respond, it’s not a reaction, it’s a response with love toward others and ourselves.

How to Change the Way YOU Think (Metacognition)

Be active. Be aware of your thoughts and write them down. Read them to yourself and think of how you would respond as if your best friend had written them. Then change them. Cross them out and rewrite them so that you write what you hope, as opposed to your perceived notions of a situation, person or idea.

EX: I think my son is never going to stop his rage.  I believe my son will stop his rage when he screams it all out.

For me to have hope, I needed to know the situation will end. And it will end when he’s done raging. There is always an end. The timeline will not be mind, but I know it will end. I just need that finality and that gives me hope.

As a teacher, I need to know that my kids will learn what they need to be successful.

EX: My kids will never know all their letter sounds. I believe my kids will know all their letter sounds when they are ready.

What hopes do you have for you students or kids?

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