This is my fifth year teaching kindergarten and I love it! The hard work you put in toward the beginning of the year is well worth the pay-off toward the end. Most of my children can’t hold a pencil at the beginning of the year, let alone read. By the end of the year, my children are reading, writing and sounding out words! There are no words about the joy this brings to my heart. Their understanding of concepts increases exponentially and I have the privilege of watching them grow and facilitate their learning.

I believe teaching is a gift and that every child should be provided with opportunities to expand their learning through imagination and discovery. I would believe this even if I was brave enough to teach high schoolers.

I’m reminded of how each day with them counts. In my first year teaching kindergarten, I had a student pass away. I will never see teaching the same way again. It’s the relationships you build, the enthusiasm you bring and the empathy and partnership with parents and students that make the difference. It truly is my privilege to be their teacher and I love them.


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